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How To Subvert A Content Scraping Tool To Ethical SEO

April 25, 2013

I should come clean. I need to  get something clear from the outset. I am not a fan of third party content spinning or scraping.

The idea of taking another author’s work and using it to promote your own website or product does not appeal to me. I don’t say this as a moralistic judgement, and perhaps is a little bit of arrogance on my part. Most of the time I simply think I could do a better job or writing better content that would be more suited to promote the URL’s, products or sites.

Ok. So, Google may well have a duplicate content filter. I don’t really care one way or the other, as I do not like I’m going to use duplicate content anyway. It lowers the value of the product I’m looking to sell and most of the time it does not reflect my real and actual thoughts on whatever issues I am expanding.

If this blog survives any length of time and you, dear reader, to return to it often, then it will become apparent relatively quickly that I certainly have no problem with expressing the most verbose ideas. If anything my issue is to tighten my dictionary down a little and to use words a little more scarcely.

Anyway, I digress.

Sometimes a new tool in the field of search engine optimisation needs to be looked at with a slightly different view. Perhaps even subverting the idea that the developers have for me at all in the first place.

What do I mean by this?

Well, lets take the example of most back-link creation tools sold purely as spamming utilities. Even though, with a little thought and a little pre-preparation they could be useful perfectly ethical purposes. They truly could become a White Hat time saving resource for you – and yet still be a fully automated part of your marketing strategy. Why shouldn’t they? Automation does not automatically equal “bad”.

But what of a tool which sets out to scrape content from blogs, RSS feeds and article sites and then automatically spins this scraped content to achieve some level of uniqueness at the expense of often turning it into unreadable garbage. The obvious thought in the developers mind and one which is probably mirrored in the mind of most to combine these tools is the opportunities to post all this when content containing self-serving links. Plagiarise, Spin, Utilize.

There is a genuine white hat method that a tool like this could be used…

Niche Research With Powerful Inexepnsive Tools Designed For Other Purposes

That is research.

Although I tend to stick to creating sites on topics and within niches that I am already versed and know at least a little about, I’m well aware that many in Internet marketing and affiliate selling using micro-site technique which involves creating many sites on which they are not an authority.

Let’s be honest. In most cases it is likely that many of the sites created by affiliate marketers in this way contain subject matter they know little or absolutely nothing about. So how do they create the content for them?

There are tools that can be bought or subscriptions paid that will allow Internet marketers who are interested in “content curation” to simply research into a topic they know little about to get a foothold. Perhaps just to give them an idea to write their own article, or perhaps even an editorial on some of its existing work. An opinion if you will.

Well, a content scraping and spinning tool such as Kontent  Machine could do this equally as well. Just because it has the ability to turn a high-quality and informative written work into garbage doesn’t mean you have to use it does it?

Imagine you are interested in simply learning about a topic and getting some inspiration to write your own articles. Learning which turns of phrases are used by those who understand it properly, learning about the competition and any possible controversies that may exist. Then turning this information to your advantage and creating your own 100% unique article. You can even provide a back link in the form of a co-citation and therefore SEO friendly manner to the original source of content machine scraped for you. You can get more white than that. It’s 100% clean and ethical.

And yet it uses a scraping tool. But here’s the thing. It’s a scraping tool which he digs deeper than many desktop content curation software utilities and yet costs a great deal less to initially set up.

My point then?

This may be a recurring theme on this blog. Just because you have a tool capable of creating a great deal of spam or plagiarising other people’s work, it does not mean you cannot utilise it in a way which is both ethical and effective both in terms of the SEO results used and your return on capital investment for buying the product in the first place. Kontent Machine is a tool with just such possibilities.


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