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The Aims Of This Website What Is Omni Hat SEO?

March 27, 2013

I’m not a big fan of arbitrary divisions, the idea that people in a particular profession are divided neatly and equally on either side of a fence is a philosophy I’ve grown out of. To my mind it’s an attitude that belongs in the playground. When I say I’ve “grown out” of it, I mean this quite literally. When I was younger I’m pretty sure I saw things more in terms of “black and white”, “right and wrong”. But this has certainly changed over the years. A greater understanding of any issue normally shows the full spectrum of opinions and attitudes lies between one mind set and another.

This site is particularly interested in the most effective way of promoting your website using both on-site and off-site SEO regardless of whether that is then categorised as a “Black Hat” or “White Hat” technique.

Can services or tools like Ultimate Demon make a difference in ethical SEO

A measurement of long term effectiveness rather than a judgement call.

Before you jump up and down and accuse me of being a spammer, there’s something I should make clear; Unlike King Canute I do not believe that I will be able to stop the tide of changes that Google and the other search engines are implementing to prevent websites from advancing through non-ethical search engine optimisation methods. While I fully understand that short-term gains can indeed be made, particularly with long-tail key phrases using what might be described as less than ethical techniques, I am also a firm believer that web site owners who operate under these principles are doing so under the gun site of the search engines “ban hammer”.

Search engine optimisation professionals with several years experience who deny this obvious fact, who persist in thinking that long-term results can be achieved using “quick fix” methods are fooling themselves or selling “snake oil” to their clients. Those new to Internet marketing and website optimisation might be forgiven for thinking that an abuse of the linking system will indeed give them the results they require and the Nirvana of a long-term autopilot income. It probably won’t.

But against this lets not kid ourselves. The lone trader looking to promote his or her website will not be able to perform all the tasks necessary to run a successful business and the 40+ hours a week required to also make a website successful. Google’s “Coloured School Satchel” advert is very much the exception rather than the rule. Most good business ideas and the websites that support them are buried under a torrent of rubbish in Google’s directory system. Business owners who wish their website to have success in all but the most micro niche markets will need to exercise some level of self-promotion otherwise there is a greater than 99% chance that their online efforts will fail.

Self Promotion. Good Or Bad SEO?

Self-promotion; it’s just another word for marketing. It’s something that every business does. Ever since the first caveman invented the first wheel and asked his neighbour whether he would like one too, bartering and marketing have gone hand in hand. There is no society or civilisation on Earth and no business model that attempts to make a profit that does not have marketing. Marketing = Self-promotion. Marketing is absolutely essential to business success.  Don’t kid yourself that it’s not.

While we hear that Google discourages self-promotion they might as well be King Canute themselves. It’s a ridiculous statement and a baffling principle for the search engine giant to promote to their fellow business partners. Businesses self promote, they always have, they always will.

But there are ways to do it, ways that will not involve the production and broadcasting of spam, and, more importantly could involve careful syndication of well-written content to a relevant audience who would benefit either from your products or from your knowledge. This ethical manner of promoting your website certainly does not preclude the use of automation nor does it disallow the outsourcing to SEO services. In other words the use of link applications like Ultimate Demon or the hiring of professional experts in the field.

The aim of this website is to tread that thin line and to work out a long-term spam free effective SEO technique from the thousands of tools and services being offered.

I will also make it my aim to extrapolate those that offer the best value both yourself, your website and for the Internet at large.

If I say now that I have discovered some moderately effective but extremely expensive methods that could be classed as White Hat and some relatively spam free but incredibly successful methods that the miss informed could construe as Black Hat… as well as every shade of cost to performance ratio and spam production potential in between.

Many of the products are review or services I examine will not lead me to an exact conclusion of “Yes you should use it” or “No you shouldn’t”. The likelihood is that the context that they are used in will be the most important factor and, if your main aim is ethical optimisation or a short quick fix to an immediate problem. It will more often than not be a case of “horses for courses”.

Having read through this two or three times it’s only just sinking in what a task on creating for myself. Link building tools authoring services local marketing expertise multimedia penetration and peer-to-peer relationship building as well as every other aspect of online business is open for discussion. But I’ll take them all one at a time. Thanks for reading so far..


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